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free printable goal worksheet

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During the spring semester, I was an RA (resident assistant) at BYU. I wasn't enrolled for summer, (thank goodness because being an EFY counselor was one of the best decisions I have ever made) but I'm back at school and back to being an RA. I have been so fortunate to have the great jobs I've had that allow me to progress and grow while hopefully helping others to do the same. The theme of my floor is "Welcome to Wonderland." Using a talk from President Monson, I am focusing on the part from Alice in Wonderland when Alice asks the Cheshire Cat for directions. He asks her where she wants to go and when she replies that she isn't sure, he tells her it doesn't really matter which way she goes then. Each week I plan a meeting with the girls on my floor. I knew I wanted to focus on that encounter between Alice and the cat to point out that if we don't have goals for ourselves, we won't know where we're headed this semester.

I have always loved making goals at the beginning of a new school year, even more than making New Year's resolutions. I created this worksheet as a fun way to help the girls (and me) think of some new goals to work on this semester.

goal worksheet graphics-02

You can download the printable file by clicking below.

stop planning & start doing goal list

Hi there! + free printable banner

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free printable banner! includes 2 of each letter What's this? A blog post from Kensie Kate? Why yes, yes it is. The truth is, I've been wanting to blog regularly again for several months now, but I just kept putting it off. I was plagued by the reoccurring thought that I should wait. Wait until finals are over. Wait until summer. Wait until I graduate. Wait until I'm married and have cute babies and actually have things to post about.

And then I had a moment where I realized waiting is stupid and I took my own advice—stop planning and start doing. Not just in regards to this here blog of mine, but I decided to stop waiting in general. Stop waiting for Friday. For better weather. For the next step. I'm planning for the future while focusing much more on the now. Because now is the time to be happy and get things done!

After many failed attempts of being a consistent blogger, this time I'm doing it right and planning ahead. Here's what you can expect to find here the next little while: uplifting thoughts on Sundays, free printables, song recommendations, the occasional recipe, and generally happy things!

So to celebrate, today I have a free printable banner for you today! Today is my roommate's birthday so I'm going to use it to decorate our apartment for a surprise party. Each letter comes in 2 different colors (and let's be honest—it's mostly because Kensie has 2 'e's and I couldn't let them be the same :) ) Each letter is it's own jpeg so you can drag them into a word document and make them any size you want and only print the letters you need. I would looooove to see pictures of how you use this banner (or any other printables I share).

Go here to download the banner!


more photobooth props

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About an eternity ago, I made these photo booth props. Today I am happy to share some new props with you. Available in both PDF and SVG formats, they are sure to make your party planning a cinch. Best of all, these files are completely free.

Read on for the file links and some shop news.

You can download thePDF here or the SVG here.

Postcards are now available in the shop! I just learned something super awesome. Apparently if you write a letter/postcard to a Disney character, they send back a signed postcard. Instructions here. I don't know about you, but Dumbo is about to get some happy mail. (:

Know anyone with a happy business that would like to carry Kensie Kate products? I'm currently accepting wholesale orders for any businesses from pop-up shops to The Land of Nod (a girl can dream). If you refer a business that makes a wholesale order, then you get a special discount code to use in the shop.

Have a lovely day!

freebie :: "die cut" journaling cards

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I love the look of die cut art and embellishments, especially when text is involved. Unfortunately, the Silhouette machine I had access to kicked the can. Even if I did have a die cutting machine readily accessible, I am probably too impatient to put it to good use. That's where today's freebie comes in. These journaling cards mimic the look of die cutting, without the time or effort. Or the expensive machine.

The PDF includes five 3x4 journaling cards. Download here!

celebrate the little things (freebie)

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Almost 6 years ago, a leader of my church, President Eyring, gave a talk about gratitude. He tells about how he was inspired to write about one way he had seen the hand of the Lord in his hand everyday in his journal. Not long after this talk was given, I started writing about one thing I was grateful for everyday that I wrote in my journal. He talks about how by doing this, he would come to recognize blessings that had occurred throughout the day that he hadn't noticed in the moment. I noticed the same thing. This simple thing compelled my to have more gratitude in my heart as I tried hard to think about something wonderful that had happened each and every day. It also caused me to recognize more blessings as I went throughout my day. President Eyring talks about how he wrote something down every single day, no matter how tired he was. Though I did quite well for a couple of years, I haven't had quite the same success. As this August will be the last full month before I head to the Missionary Training Center, I want to start writing down specific blessings from everyday again. Though I notice plenty of tender mercies, I rarely write them down anymore and they are quickly forgotten. I created a handy printable to help me be deliberate about recognizing my many blessings this month. You can download the PDF here.