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1 Pattern 6 Ways

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Whenever I hit a creative roadblock, my first step is usually to take a break and play with the colors in a pattern. It's crazy how much switching up the colors can completely change a pattern like this floral. Do you have a favorite? I love them all, but I'm especially into the navy and yellow one. 

1 Pattern 6 Ways

DesignKensie Smith

Running a creative business is not always creative (I'm looking at you emails, social media management, business planning, and taxes) but sometimes it is—like when you take 20 minutes to play with the colors in a pattern. It never ceases to amaze me how much color can completely change a pattern. Which one is your favorite? I'm partial to the second one.

Book Review: Cheers to Eternity (+ My 11 Favorite Quotes)

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Remember when I read More than the Tattooed Mormon and created a million (okay, like 20) quote images because I loved so many parts? Well, Al just came out with a new book—one she wrote with her husband, Ben. Cheers to Eternity is all about the lessons Ben and Al have learned so far about creating a successful eternal marriage. 

Obviously I'm not married yet, but I still enjoyed reading it and gained several new insights. I'll be honest, there were parts that were really hard for me to read because I long for that kind of relationship. 

If you've read The Magnolia Story, you'll recognize the conversational tone that jumps between Ben and Al as they share their best advice. They talk a lot about the role that God plays in their marriage and I especially loved this part:

"Stop living in the future, and enjoy today. Search for and learn to find joy in your trials, because surely there will be many. Love who you are and where you are. And never let a change of course take you away from the unchangeable truth that God is taking care of you. You may not have gone where you had in mind, but you will end up where you need to be, and will receive better blessings."

This book is.a quick read (it took me about an hour) and I think everyone who reads it is bound to learn something that will help them in any relationship—with friends, with significant others, and with God.