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gotta love 4-year-olds


Today at my cousin's farewell, Owen was really in need of a trampoline buddy. I spotted a little girl about his age.Me: What about her? Owen: She already knows my name. Me: Well do you know her name? Little Girl: I'm Lily! Me: Well there you go. How about you go jump on the tramp together. ....... Lily: We're getting married. Owen: Oh no we're not. Lily: Yes we are. I chose you. Owen: Well that's too bad for you! Lily: It's time for you to go to work. Owen: Well where do you work? Lily: *scoffs* I don't go to work! I stay home and try on clothes all day. Owen: hmm. Lily: Where do you work? Owen: I don't know, but it's far away from you!

dinner conversations


Dad: what exactly is onomatopoeia?Me: a word that sounds like its definition. so animal sounds. or boing. snap. crackle. pop. Sam: bark? Me: yeah. Ainsley: quack? Me: yeah. Drew: so onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like its spelled? Me: no. that's just a word.

random tid bits


Today we found out Drew broke his arm on Monday. Don't feel too sorry for him, he's actually quite proud it was really broken and not just bruised. We went to dinner with my grandparents. While looking at the menus, Sam asked "hey grandpa, wanna share the all-you-can-eat pancakes with me?" dead serious. He couldn't understand why he got turned down.

I was talking to my grandma and for a while now she has been telling my grandpa that the shampoo in the downstairs shower works much better than the kind upstairs. This went on for a while before he realized she had been using the dog shampoo. Classic Pat.

March is Madness

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It's been a while. Here's a recap. State DECA, 1st place. State Basketball, made it to the semis. Toilet vs. banana, banana won. 3000 pictures, edited. Magic Week, tackled. English tests, dominated. Poetry assignment, last poems ever. 1000 balloons, blown up. Cheesecake Factory, epic. 3-day-weekend, glorious. Sterling Scholar, over. Today was grand. I actually woke up to my alarm and got ready with time to spare. Then I saw this when I walked out to my car.

This boy cracks me up. Top Owen quotes of the month: Fin: MOM! Owen is hurting me! Mom: Owen, why are you hurting Finley? Owen: She is annoying me! Mom: That's not a good reason. What will you do if your wife annoys you someday? Owen: If she annoys me, I will not marry her. --- Fin: Mom! Owen hit me! Mom: Why did you hit your sister? Owen: I didn't. I smacked her with a bottle. Mom: Why would you do that? That's very naughty. Owen: Why? It was just a simple bottle.

You see, we love spending our Saturday mornings at school. We think butcher paper and muffins make a good combination.
We REALLY like spending our Saturdays at school. Everything turned out awesome. I was skeptical, but the balloon drop was truly magical.
The rest of Sophomore Week included Mario Kart Skateboard Racing, Disney Day (what says magic better than cotton candy & a coloring contest?), and a movie night.

you can't eat cats or baseballs

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Right after church, Finley, Owen, and I were standing in the kitchen. The conversation was as follows: Me: Fin you can have a snack, but don't eat too much because we're probably eating soon. Fin: *scoff* I can eat anything I want. Owen: *imitation scoff* No you can't. *eye roll* You cannot eat cats. Or baseballs.