PREPARING: for finals, and packing, and moving, oh my! This is the last week of the spring term here at BYU. I have loved all my classes and in 2 days I can say that I am done with all my generals!

WISHING: I didn’t have so much stuff! I bribe myself on a regular basis. Yesterday I came up with a brilliant system called “for every box I pack, I get to watch an episode of The Office.” How did that go? Well I packed one box and watched four episodes of The Office, so I’ll let you be the judge.

GETTING EXCITED: to go home! As much as I have loved the last few months, I’m excited to be home for a little while. And snow cones! I’m so excited for snow cones!

PRAYING: for one of my best friends. Marissa is one of the greatest people I know and probably the most selfless. This week she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and a couple of days later, she and her parents got in a car accident. She has her first appointment with the oncologist today and all my prayers are with her!


That’s Marissa, me, and McKinley standing in front of the new Payson Utah Temple. The 3 of us have been roommates for almost a year. Technically we don’t live in the same apartment right now, but we might as well with the amount of time we spend together.

THANKFUL: for the temple! More most of my life, I have lived within sight of a temple and I’m so looking forward to getting to go so often this summer. I have also loved getting to see the Provo City Center Temple come along. I can’t wait to see the inside in January!

That stack of cards right there represents 161 of my ancestors who are waiting for the blessings of the temple.

That stack of cards right there represents 161 of my ancestors who are waiting for the blessings of the temple.

PROUD: of the impressive sandal tan line I’m rocking. I pretty much wear these everyday, but we’ll see now that these came in the mail yesterday.

LISTENING: to this playlist!

READING: so. many. talks. I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and I had to choose a talk to base it off of. I found so many good ones like this and this and this.

WATCHING: so many Mormon Messages. One of my favorites explains why sometimes it’s good to go down the wrong path.


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Hi there! + free printable banner

free printable banner! includes 2 of each letter

What’s this? A blog post from Kensie Kate? Why yes, yes it is. The truth is, I’ve been wanting to blog regularly again for several months now, but I just kept putting it off. I was plagued by the reoccurring thought that I should wait. Wait until finals are over. Wait until summer. Wait until I graduate. Wait until I’m married and have cute babies and actually have things to post about.

And then I had a moment where I realized waiting is stupid and I took my own advice—stop planning and start doing. Not just in regards to this here blog of mine, but I decided to stop waiting in general. Stop waiting for Friday. For better weather. For the next step. I’m planning for the future while focusing much more on the now. Because now is the time to be happy and get things done!

After many failed attempts of being a consistent blogger, this time I’m doing it right and planning ahead. Here’s what you can expect to find here the next little while: uplifting thoughts on Sundays, free printables, song recommendations, the occasional recipe, and generally happy things!

So to celebrate, today I have a free printable banner for you today! Today is my roommate’s birthday so I’m going to use it to decorate our apartment for a surprise party. Each letter comes in 2 different colors (and let’s be honest—it’s mostly because Kensie has 2 ‘e’s and I couldn’t let them be the same:)) Each letter is it’s own jpeg so you can drag them into a word document and make them any size you want and only print the letters you need. I would looooove to see pictures of how you use this banner (or any other printables I share).

Go here to download the banner!


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