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meyers family reunion


We went to Rexburg, Idaho for the Meyers' family reunion. There was much fun had. Also, it should be noted and documented that I drove the whole freaking way there and back. Which, if you know me at all, is really quite remarkable.

jumping on the trampoline.

water fights & swings.

a rainbow hammock swing.

this little girl with uncanny speech abilities.

He never really grew up.

babies. lots of babies. and twin babies.

and babies that lick each other.

and more water fights. notice Finley squirting grandpa Layne with a baby bottle?

and this tan little girl.

and my mom and I do terrible things like have a competition to see who can get the worst picture without her finding out.

and we eat at the taco bus.

and we eat oreo pizza at the Pizza Pie Cafe. It just so happens that if you wait until after 8 (after 9 on weekends) you can eat for $5. It also just so happens that there is a second location a couple minutes from BYU. It also just so happens I am one very happy girl at the thought of this news.

right before we left...

right after we got to the hotel.