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My very own Stars Hollow.


This week we will be celebrating Pioneer Days in remembrance of the pioneers entering the valley. Today was the big Bountiful Handcart Days Parade. We walked from our house, down the street to the parade. Very small-town-like. Tomorrow we are planning on going to the community Chuckwagon breakfast. Also very small-town-like. We will probably stay at the city park and peruse the carnival attractions. We'll chat with neighbors and go watch the fireworks at the junior high. All very small-town-like. And I will have my very own Stars Hollow right here in Bountiful.

My Alma Mater. How weird is it to say that?

The parade was wonderful. I especially loved these very sensible shoes perfect for riding a motorcycle.

My favorite part of the parade by far was the Helaman March. The goal was to gather 2000 young men to march the parade route, representing the Stripling Warriors. This provided the theme for the Parade, "They did not doubt." from this scripture. Each stake was given material that was given to each ward to make costumes. The young men got to decorate their sticks. The sticks had metal on the bottom so they made loud sounds when they were pounded on every right step. We were at the end of the parade route so most of the metal pieces had fallen off, but it was still a sight to see. I've heard that there were anywhere from 2060-2080 boys marching behind Helaman. I knew that the group would be the length of 3 football fields, but it was so much larger than I expected. I've heard so many cool stories because of this march. Like one of the young men gave up a soccer tournament in California for the opportunity to be in the march. One of the officers for Bountiful High next year, Jonathan, built a chair for a handicapped young man in his ward, Mitchell, for his eagle project to use for scout camp and high adventure. Jonathan and Mitchell's brother, Spencer, carried Mitchell for the whole parade route so he could participate. How cool is that?

Drew was walking on the edge, so we were able to see him, but Sam was on the opposite side.

There was enough fabric left over from making Sam's costume that Owen got one too. He was extremely excited until he learned that didn't mean he got to be in the parade with the big boys. He had a hard time understanding that he was an honorable warrior, not a ninja, or a ninjer, as he calls them.

"ninjer moves"
If you are asking yourself "is Owen's costume a different color?" the answer is no. He is merely sopping wet due to the water balloon pump he got the other day.

After the parade, we picked up some pizza and then up to Mueller Park to watch fireworks. We ate and played with glow sticks while waiting for the fireworks to start.

It was difficult explaining to the kiddos how to move their glow sticks so the pictures would look cool so instead, I told them to hold still and I shook my camera while it was taking a picture. Much better results.

I love fireworks. Love them. We tried sitting in a different spot this year, higher up on the hill. So worth it. In years past, we could tell that there were lower fireworks being shot off, but couldn't really see them. This year, they were right in front of us. The whole display was incredible. And way longer than I remembered. We learned that the profits from the attractions at the park pay for the fireworks, so the more money they make, the better the fireworks are. Totally justifies the snow cones and scones. By eating that pork sandwich, you are contributing to better fireworks. So do your part next year and eat and climb the scary rock wall.

Such. a. good. day.