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Strep and Shingles


Test results for Drew came back. He was Shingles and an ear infection. Because his ear was already compromised, the Shingles settled in his ear. Sam and I got the Chicken Pox shot, which protects against Shingles, when we were little. Drew was too young to get the shot, so he ended up getting a mild case of Chicken Pox as a baby because Sam and I were contagious from the shot. Because he got the Chicken Pox, he didn't ever get the shot, but that meant he wasn't protected against Shingles. Usually older people get Shingles, so it's weird that Drew has them at 13. We've never been normal medically though. We have weird genetic appendicitis that doesn't show up on any of the normal tests and I was the 15-year-old that no one believed really had blood clots.