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nothing sweeter


I'm really loving this break. This is the first time in years that I haven't had any homework to do during a break. I have needed these mornings meant for sleeping in. And I get to be with kiddos all day everyday. I've decided to go on a mission for the LDS Church this spring. Girls serve for 18 months so, depending on when I leave, I won't be home next Christmas, and possibly the one after that. So I've been soaking this up because it's going to come fast. It will be hard to miss major events like Finley's baptisms and the babies that are on their way, but mostly it will be hard not to be a part of little everyday moments. It will be so worth it though. I will get to spend a year and a half completely devoted to sharing what has made me so happy. I will get to teach people that families can be together forever. I will get to teach people that there is no mistake too big and that it is never too late to change. And I can't think of anything sweeter or more rewarding.