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round two


My mom's second surgery was today. It was a long day, but she seems to be doing pretty well. Lymph nodes were removed first and sent to pathology. The reports came back normal, so they were able to complete the surgery and the doctor was pleased with how everything went. The pathology reports we will get next week will tell us if chemo or radiation are necessary. We are certainly hoping for the best. Since I had to be in Provo today, I tried hard to stay busy. I had a pretty incredible experience when taking a test for my Book of Mormon class. I felt really good about the whole test, except for one question: "What are 4 lessons we can learn from Alma 31 and apply to our lives. Be specific and use examples in context."Sorry. I don't have a summary of every chapter in the Book of Mormon memorized. I skipped the question and finished the rest of the test, hoping something would come to me. Every other question was answered, but still I had no idea what to write. After a few minutes, I decided just to start writing generic principles found all over the Book of Mormon. Halfway through, I crossed everything out and started over. My brain didn't know what to write, but my hand sure did. I turned in my test and pulled out my phone. Sure enough, I had written exactly what is found in Alma 31.