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i thought i knew then

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Much to my parent's dismay, the radio in my car is always tuned into country music. In my opinion, it is the best driving music. Sometimes I have these really deep moments where a song I hear all the time teaches me a completely unrelated life lesson. This time it was Brad Paisley's "I thought I loved you then." At each milestone in a relationship, he can't imagine loving her more. When they first started dating, when he proposed, and when their first baby is born. At each milestone, he realizes his love just keeps expanding. Now stay with me here. This is where my mind made a connection that may be incomprehensible to anyone but me. I feel this way about my Heavenly Father's love for me. I will have a really great lesson on Sunday or be blessed in some way and think that I understand how much love my Heavenly Father has for me, but later experiences teach me that I really had no idea just how much. Lately I have had a lot of experiences that have shown me of my Heavenly Father's love, but I know that their will be more situations that continue to teach me just how much my Heavenly Father cares about my success. I think about times a couple of years ago and think "I thought I knew then how much my Heavenly Father loves me." I signed up for a marriage and family course as a joke, but it has turned out to be my favorite class. One day we were talking about how much we care about the success of our loved ones. We would do anything to help them reach their potential. Imagine how much more our Heavenly Father cares about our success than we have the capacity to! These are just some of the overwhelming thoughts I've had lately that have really helped put things in perspective and realize that somethings really won't matter in the long run.