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another day in the big city


While walking around the city, I noticed tons of people with bags from a place called Century 21. We passed the store and decided to stop in. The first floor was all designer shirts and ties that were seriously discounted. We saw the Tommy Hilfiger ties and knew we would be there for a while. My dad is seriously picky when it comes to ties and we don't dare buy him one without his permission. Instead, we send him pictures of ties like this and he tells us which ones to buy.

This is what I tried on. What can I say? I know what I like. This place was the size of IKEA. We ended up staying for over 5 hours!

L: Today was my grandma's birthday so we ate a Hershey pie from Burger King in her honor. R: We found some amazing Thai food for lunch.

Pictures just don't capture how tall some of these buildings really are.

We were able to make it to the 9/11 memorial today. As incredible as the monuments are, my favorite part was the display at the place where you get tickets. I was only in 2nd grade when it happened. I remember the day and the days that followed well, but I didn't understand the magnitude of what took place.

We took a ferry over to Stanton Island so we could get a good view of Lady Liberty. The island the statue is on is still closed because of Hurricane Sandy. I didn't realize how much the hurricane is still affecting the city.