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happy birthday ainsley! (beginning of our vacation)


I loved our family vacation because there was something special for everyone. It can be hard to find things everyone enjoys because there are so many of us. We left on Ainsley's birthday (still can't believe she is 12-years-old) and drove to my grandparent's house in St. George. We left later than we wanted to, and I'm sure my dad was tired from driving so late, but Owen fell asleep before we even got on the freeway and the other kiddos fell asleep at some point. Since it was Ainsley's birthday, she got to choose her seat in the car and what electronic device she wanted for the ride. When we got there, all the kids piled on air mattresses in the living room. We had chocolate muffins for breakfast the next morning because of Owen. Owen is kind of the golden grandchild. He is the youngest on both sides of the family, he got grandma's red hair, and he's named after grandpa. My grandpa bought Costco chocolate muffins for breakfast one time when they stayed at our house and Owen has made sure there are chocolate muffins for breakfast every time since. Thanks to my dad's excellent packing strategy, we were able to fit everyone's stuff in 2 large suitcases and 2 backpacks. This made the car ride much more enjoyable than having things stuffed in everyone's leg room. My mom thought we had packed to many pillows into the car, but everyone always begs for one on long car rides so I insisted we keep them all.