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california adventure


We had a great day in California Adventure today. Owen especially loved today. He got to dance with Phineas and Ferb and watch Disney Jr. We loved Radiator Springs. As a designer, I was blown away by the attention to detail, even for Disney. The only downside: see that picture of the red rock? That was our view for half an hour while we got stuck on the racing ride. It wouldn't have been so bad, but right as we were getting on the ride, Owen says, "I have to go to the bathroom!" He pretty much hated the ride. Mack scared him. In his words: "The ride said 'watch out for Mack' and I didn't watch out!" The second part of the ride was fast and had a couple of drops. Owen doesn't like any more excitement than A Bug's Land has to offer.

We had great seats for The World of Color show. We loved it. It was a great way to end the night.