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TJ & Brandi | Engagement pictures


I met Brandi while I was serving a mission in Philadelphia. The first day we met, I told her I would design her wedding invitation someday. We were both planning on that being a year or so from now, but I could not be happier for Brandi and TJ and I was so excited to get to take their engagement pictures! We ventured out to Antelope Island, as per TJ's request. I was giddy with delight when I saw all the gorgeous places to shoot. And then we got out of the car. Oh my BUGS! I'm still in amazement that you can't see a single flying critter in any of the pictures. See that blanket? Yeah, it's sole purpose was to afford (albeit limited) protection from the sheets of bugs. I could only take a few pictures in a row before I had to shake the gnats off my arm and out of my nose. It was insane! But this gorgeous couple suffered through it and laughed the whole time.

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