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EFY Week 7 - Ogden


This was my first "stay-at-home" session, meaning the kids go home at 9pm every night at come back at 9am. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't get to know the kids as well because I feel like that hour before lights out is when I get to have the most one-on-one time with them. But I ended up bonding with these kids so much. From cinnamon roll hugs every night to learning how to catch whipped cream in our mouths, I couldn't love them more. We laughed and cried together so many times this week. I felt so strongly of the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of them. I don't know everything that these kids were struggling with, but He does, and I felt guided at every moment to know what to do or say. I know that God si aware of us personally and uses other people to answer our prayers. I know that He finds little ways every day to show us that He cares. IMG_4192IMG_4236IMG_4189IMG_4435IMG_4398IMG_4473IMG_4416