Kensie Kate

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pic3 PREPARING: for finals, and packing, and moving, oh my! This is the last week of the spring term here at BYU. I have loved all my classes and in 2 days I can say that I am done with all my generals!

WISHING: I didn't have so much stuff! I bribe myself on a regular basis. Yesterday I came up with a brilliant system called "for every box I pack, I get to watch an episode of The Office." How did that go? Well I packed one box and watched four episodes of The Office, so I'll let you be the judge.

GETTING EXCITED: to go home! As much as I have loved the last few months, I'm excited to be home for a little while. And snow cones! I'm so excited for snow cones!

PRAYING: for one of my best friends. Marissa is one of the greatest people I know and probably the most selfless. This week she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and a couple of days later, she and her parents got in a car accident. She has her first appointment with the oncologist today and all my prayers are with her!


THANKFUL: for the temple! More most of my life, I have lived within sight of a temple and I'm so looking forward to getting to go so often this summer. I have also loved getting to see the Provo City Center Temple come along. I can't wait to see the inside in January!

That stack of cards right there represents 161 of my ancestors who are waiting for the blessings of the temple.

PROUD: of the impressive sandal tan line I'm rocking. I pretty much wear these everyday, but we'll see now that these came in the mail yesterday.

LISTENING: to this playlist!

READING: so. many. talks. I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and I had to choose a talk to base it off of. I found so many good ones like this and this and this.

WATCHING: so many Mormon Messages. One of my favorites explains why sometimes it's good to go down the wrong path.