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2011 top 11

2011 top 11


1. first car:: I had no idea. I called my mom from a friend's house to find out she was in the middle of signing for my new (to me) car.

2. SBO:: I had never seriously considered running for officer. Basically they announced the preliminary meeting and I had no where else to go for advisory. Best choice. Did all my portfolios in one night. finished 5 minutes before my alarm went off to get ready for school. Completely changed my senior year. It's time consuming, but I love it. So many memories. Utah State. Painting & sleeping on the field. Service day activity. Barbecues. Parties. Way too much fun.

3. orLANDo:: National DECA. We had the worst string of bad luck that made for the BEST stories. Our advisor wasn't old enough to rent a car. We ended up in a sketchy business run out of the back of a hotel to get a way over-priced rental. Wendy's service was questionable. "I'd like 2 medium chocolate frosties." "What kind?" "Uh chocolate." The next day a rubber glove came in our salad. We didn't go back. So we ate at TGI Fridays 3 nights in a row. Disneyworld was magical. Even if I didn't get my Dole Whip. That's what Orange Leaf is for I suppose. And Harry Potter World? Seriously amazing.

4. Illustrator:: I played with Illustrator for the first time. It was love at first fill color. I cannot wait until next year where Illustrator falls under school curriculum. I will be in heaven.

5. Chatauqua:: I worked at an elderly version of Girl's Camp. So much fun. They were hilarious. We had too much fun with mashed potatoes. Plus I witnessed what has to be the best fashion show ever.

6. Idaho:: Meyer's family reunion. Great fun. Great swimming pool. And waffles for breakfast every morning. Even if we had to bring in our own strawberries. I drove my grandma and grandpa's car. We would have beat my parents home if Bucko hadn't told me to take the wrong exit.

7. Shoulder:: I dislocated my shoulder shooting a free throw. Pathetic, I know. This is the same girl who broke her knee in Seminary. I thought that since it was so low-trauma, I would be in the clear. My mom made me go to the doctor. Apparently high-trauma would have been better because the chances of re-dislocation would be lower. Doc says surgery. I say no.

8. Mom & Dad like to leave us:: We were left to our own devices while mom and dad went to San Francisco, St. George, and Salt Lake. San Fran and St. George went well, but Salt Lake was another story. The night before they left, everyone got a book of lifesavers from the family Christmas party. We never have candy in our house, so all the kiddos decided to consume the entire contents of their book. That much sugar made for a whole lot of drama. Darn those inventors of lifesavers and legos.Who's the idiot who walked 1.4 miles to Maverick with 5 kids in June? Oh yeah, that would be me.

9. Windstorm:: We were spectators of the great windstorm of 2011. Our neighborhood was one of the worst hit. We lost almost every pine tree on our street. Our back door had a gap underneath it so our stair well filled with leaves. We were thankful for that gap though. The last time the wind blew the glass in our back door shattered. Since then, there has been a piece of plexiglass in its place. Without that gap, I highly doubt the duct-taped plastic would have held.

10. No more red hair:: I had flaming red hair for 2 years. For homecoming, I decided to go dark brown. What was funny was that more people noticed the brown than the fire-engine red hair.

11. Charleigh:: Our neighbors received a foster baby in August. In November, their oldest asked if they thought Charleigh would be able to stay at their house until Christmas. In December, the birth parents relinquished all rights, so now our amazing friends get to adopt this sweet little girl.