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when dad leaves...


Every time my dad goes out of town, someone gets sick or Owen does something dumb. When he went to Atlanta, my mom got pancreatitis. When we went to Australia, we pretty much all fell apart. (Strep, ear infection, broken arm) About 2 hours after my dad left for Japan, Owen invented a new magic trick. He's really into magic lately. The trick involved putting the back of Finley's earring in one ear and pulling it out the other. Too bad his brain got in the way. A pair of tweezers and my mom's steady hand narrowly prevented a visit to the emergency room. My dad left for scout camp today and this time Owen did something dumb and someone got hurt. Owen was watching a movie on the computer and raised the chair up as high as it would go. He scooted the chair back and then leaned forward. The chair slid out from underneath him and he hit the desk hard. I was sitting on the floor 4 feet away and thought he crunched his nose. Really he got the strangest x-shaped cut near his mouth. At first we thought he would need some stitches, but thankfully it isn't that deep. Dad, you're never allowed to leave again, for our sake. Also whenever my dad leaves, my mom tries to complete a project around the house. While he was in Japan a couple of weeks ago, the project was this wall. We don't have a fireplace so we don't have a mantle and we really don't have any shelves. That means we don't have anywhere that is easy to decorate. This wall has a little shelf on top that will hold pictures, decorations, and stockings.

It is actually painted and decorated now, but I haven't taken a picture yet.


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There are times in my life where I've felt like I've really been prepared way ahead of time for big events or big news. We got some big news today that will definitely result in some hard times coming up, but we can retrospectively see what has taken place to prepare our family for the adjustments coming our way. We could certainly use your prayers though.

Mi familia


In case you didn't know, I'm the oldest of 6 kiddos. I like it :) Dad: I have never met someone so focused. I would go crazy if I had to stare at a computer full of numbers for as long as he does to provide for our family. I love hearing his mission stories. He is constantly playing music while working, a habit I've acquired. He also makes a great alarm clock when my other 3 fail to do the job :)

Mom: So much like me. Or I am so much like her. Very frequently, we yell the same thing at the exact same time. We have great adventures. Like going to Walmart at 3:00 in the morning or waiting an hour for balloons we never got. We are amused by the same things and have mad love for the same items.

Sam (14): Sam is brilliant. So brilliant that it baffles me that he just barely figured out that, if you shower facing away from the faucet, you don't have to close your eyes the whole time. He is constantly trying to prove that he is responsible, and is very good at making dinner.

Drew (12.5): Probably the least aggressive boy I have ever met. He does things in his own way and on his own time-table. He loves drawing on random bits of paper. He has a sense of humor capable of putting my dad into tears from laughing. His ideal gift would be a Costco-sized box of Oreos to himself.

Ainsley (almost 11): She so badly wants to be grown up. She loves creating. We call her the squirrel because she is always in search of something to turn into an art project. Her ideal gift would be a fresh notebook of lined paper. She is smart in an unconventional way. Common sense has a tendency to go right over her head, making for some memorable laughter.

Finley (almost 7): Finley is my mini me. She loves playing with babies and toddlers because she likes to be in charge. She crumbles if she thinks she has hurt someone. She doesn't understand why all the girls her age can't be friends. She loves to act older than her age.

Owen (almost 4): My bestest little redhead. He is probably the most keen 3-year-old I have ever met. It is obvious he has a lot of older siblings because he has a very mature sense of humor, he picks up on things most kids his age don't. His facial expressions kill me. I never know what to expect from that kid.