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live true to the faith! Today I'm giving a talk in church based on this talk from William R. Walker. I'm actually really excited since I love family history and the temple! Preparing for this talk gave me a good opportunity to look at my own family history. My great-great-great grandmother was born in South Africa. When her family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they decided to come to America. The 6-week boat ride was full of terrible storms. One in particular forced the boat up on its side and all the furniture slid and smashed as it hit the side of the boat. Basically everyone on board went to their cabins and waited to drown. Without explanation, the boat righted itself and everyone was fine. The captain said that they must have been saved because of all the Mormons onboard (: Happy Sunday everyone! Feel free to share any cool family history stories in the comments.