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freebie friday

freebie :: "die cut" journaling cards

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I love the look of die cut art and embellishments, especially when text is involved. Unfortunately, the Silhouette machine I had access to kicked the can. Even if I did have a die cutting machine readily accessible, I am probably too impatient to put it to good use. That's where today's freebie comes in. These journaling cards mimic the look of die cutting, without the time or effort. Or the expensive machine.

The PDF includes five 3x4 journaling cards. Download here!

celebrate the little things (freebie)

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Almost 6 years ago, a leader of my church, President Eyring, gave a talk about gratitude. He tells about how he was inspired to write about one way he had seen the hand of the Lord in his hand everyday in his journal. Not long after this talk was given, I started writing about one thing I was grateful for everyday that I wrote in my journal. He talks about how by doing this, he would come to recognize blessings that had occurred throughout the day that he hadn't noticed in the moment. I noticed the same thing. This simple thing compelled my to have more gratitude in my heart as I tried hard to think about something wonderful that had happened each and every day. It also caused me to recognize more blessings as I went throughout my day. President Eyring talks about how he wrote something down every single day, no matter how tired he was. Though I did quite well for a couple of years, I haven't had quite the same success. As this August will be the last full month before I head to the Missionary Training Center, I want to start writing down specific blessings from everyday again. Though I notice plenty of tender mercies, I rarely write them down anymore and they are quickly forgotten. I created a handy printable to help me be deliberate about recognizing my many blessings this month. You can download the PDF here.

freebie friday :: paper lunch sack printables

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Today for Freebie Friday, I am sharing a file that will allow you to print messages on brown paper lunch bags. I followed the instructions found here. I taped my bag just like she did. She mentions the trial and error it takes to print on the right side of the bag. After fumbling around and trying to print a few myself, I made your life easier. All of the messages are designed in the middle of the bag so it really doesn't matter which side of the bag you print on. Like the instructions say, feed the taped end of the bag into the printer first. If your printer has a slidey thing to use when your paper is smaller than letter size, use it so the bag doesn't slide around. If you happen to print yourself some paper bags, I would love it if you sent me an image so I can share it.

The file can be found here. When printing, make sure you use customize the printer presets so that your paper size is 5.5 x 10 inches. Enjoy!


freebie friday :: printable banner

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Today for freebie friday, I am sharing a printable banner in 4 different colors. Every letter comes in mint, peach, mustard, and gray. There are 2 letters to a page, so you only need to print the pages you need. If you use the banner and would like to share your project, email me a picture and I will post it.

gray banner | peach banner | mustard banner | mint banner

I stopped at the hospital on my way home. My mom is sore, but her doctor decided she could heal just as well at home. The drain is painful, but hopefully it can be removed soon. I used the valet at the hospital and when I got home, I realized they gave me back an extra key. My dad had to make the 20-minute drive again to return it, but fortunately the owner hadn't tried to retrieve the car before he got there.