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ice ice baby


First things first. If, unlike me, your Facebook news feed was not plastered with videos of students skating to class, go watch some Youtube videos. Seriously. Just go search "BYU students skate to class." Right now. Then come back. I have been cursing the snow lately, but I don't think I've ever wished for snow more than I did today. Here's the deal. It rained. Usually the rain melts the snow and I am one very happy girl. Today it froze upon hitting the snow, turning all sidewalks and driveways into ice skating rinks. I literally skated all the way across campus to my first class. When I got there, I got an email from the university. Surely they were canceling classes because they care for the safety of their students. Nope. "Please use caution due to the slippery conditions today." In my next class, I got another email. I thought they had to be canceling for sure. There had already been so many injuries. "We encourage teachers to be accommodating today." I slipped and skated to all my classes that day, and managed not to fall even once. Others were not so lucky. There were so many broken bones on campus. Someone split their face open and someone else broke their back and tailbone upon walking out of their apartment. There were something like 88 wrecks in Salt Lake this morning. By the way, my teachers were so not accommodating. Unannounced homework and a really sucky pop quiz. Just in case you were wondering.

You could say I was less than pleased to see this after I survived 5 classes.

Good thing I had these babies today.