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handlettering day 3 + a story about pancakes

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My grandpa (my mom's dad aka Bucko) makes really good pancakes. My mom grew up with Bucko's pancakes and Saturday morning cartoons (Bucko still enjoys himself Bugs Bunny and that darn roadrunner). When my mom and dad were newlyweds, my dad offered to make my mom pancakes for breakfast. Memories of years of Bucko's pancakes filled her head as my dad started cooking. My mom sat down at the table and took a bite. "Are these pancakes or hockey pucks?" she thought. But she didn't say that. Because she was a newlywed. So she ate them anyways. Years later, we still laugh. Mostly while eating my dad's pancakes. Which have improved greatly. And with that heartwarming tale, I present to you day 3 of my handlettering project | available here in 5 different colors

if i call you darling will you make me pancakes-02