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the one starring rapunzel


Once upon a time, I had this roommate named Jessica. One time Jessica stayed at my house in Bountiful and we had an epic sleepover with 10 kids. Jessica was the most awesomest person some children had ever met. Little girls got to brush and braid her luscious locks. Little boys got to hear story after story. Basically they never wanted her to leave. Ever since then, the girlies and Owen have been begging for her to visit again. Jess was in Logan for Thanksgiving, and since Bountiful is halfway between Logan and Provo, it only made sense that she stayed with us once again. She may not have completed all her homework, but it was all worth it. She got to see something quite memorable. My mom and I aren't afraid of hair dye. We tend to be quite adventurous. I wanted to bleach the underside of my hair and my mom had been toying with being super blonde again for awhile. Today we went for it. I went first and was quite pleased with the results. My mom has a bit of a longer story.

Round 1 resulted in this lovely fluorescent orange mess. We decided the bleach hadn't been left on long enough, and decided to give it another go. It couldn't really get any worse, right?
Wrong. That is not a wig people. That is real-life Disney princess hair. We had a good laugh.
Owen came in...
Me: Owen, does she look like Rapunzel?
Owen: Huh? She looks HOT!
Mom: *nearly throws up a little bit while laughing*
My mom and I ran to Walmart (because we tend to get ourselves into these kind of messes late at night when nothing else is open) and picked up some color to go on top. I don't have pictures, but I assure you her hair is now a reasonable color. And that is the story of how my mom turned into Rapunzel.