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My brother, Sam, is allergic to all nuts and peanuts. Before he and I went on trek this summer, we searched for a good alternative to peanut butter, since that was on the menu every day. We discovered Biscoff Spread. Yes, Biscoff like the cookies you get on airplanes. Smushed into a creamy, peanut butter texture. (It also comes in crunchy form, which is even better.) We've been buying it ever since. It's been really nice to have a peanut butter substitute for making home lunches and such. When I was little, I had to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day. When we found out Sam was allergic, my mom gave my neighbor a jar of peanut butter and a toothbrush for me. I went there in the afternoon to eat my sandwich and brush my teeth before I came home. Eventually I learned to live without peanut butter. Because I didn't eat peanut butter for so long, I can't stand it any more, but Biscoff Spread is delicious.

For our Halloween party, American Crafts catered in a waffle truck. I ordered some special waffle with raspberries and Biscoff. Because the Biscoff was hot and melty, it was even more delicious than usual. Since then I have been thinking of a way to eat melty Biscoff.

This has been a really long introduction to what I really wanted to share today: Grilled Banana and Biscoff Sandwich Recipe.

Basically a grilled cheese sandwich with some substitutions. I used honey butter (equal parts honey and butter) instead of plain butter. I used a mashed up banana so it would stay on my sandwich better. And finally, a thick layer of Biscoff Spread. The first few bites were heavenly, but then I got really fancy and out came the raspberries and whipped cream. It was perfection I tell you!