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the one where I learned my lesson


Let's say you are feeling a little under-the-weather. Let's say you went to the grocery store and bought 3 items: cold medicine, cough drops, and Vick's Vapo-rub. And let's say that you sniffle probably close to 50 million bajillion times while checking out. Let's say that you look like you haven't slept for a week. And for fun, let's say that the cashier insightfully asks you, "Are you sick?" Let's say your brain is a little cloudy from The Cold From Hell, and you can think of no brighter response than, "Ya," before taking your 3 items and leaving the store. Let's say that, a couple of hours after taking cold medicine, you are feeling slightly human again. And you are getting ready for bed. Even if you are feeling slightly better, even if you think the medicine is working, if you feel even a tiny tickle in your nose, DO NOT PROCEED TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH. If you do, that tiny tickle in your nose will likely grow. And you will get a look of terror. Because there is nothing you can do. Because your mouth is full of foamy toothpaste. You will fight back that sneeze with all the force your sick body can muster. But you will fail, because cold medicine never works completely, and you will suddenly find yourself in a bathroom full of foamy toothpaste. And cleaning it all up will not be awesome. Lesson learned.