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hospital: day 3


Thanks to Siri, I navigated myself through Salt Lake for the first time today. Owen and I decided to go visit Drew. He had to wear a mask because of the sores on his face, so I'm sure plenty of people we passed thought he was the patient.

Rainbow pony in front of the hospital.

My mom told owen about the Superman and Spiderman at the hospital. He demanded a picture. This is what we got.

When we got to the hospital, Owen needed to have pictures of his own.
Drew was awake for a little longer today, but he's still not ready to come home. We didn't quite get the news we hoped for. Drew has infection in his ear and in the bone behind it. He also has sores on his head, mostly in his hair. Dermatologists made a visit and they're not sure what it is. They're running some tests, but they're pretty sure it's a virus. Antivirals have been added to his doses of antibacterials, so hopefully we'll see some improvement. It is likely the sores are either Herpatic or Chicken Pox. Depending on the test results, he may be in the hospital for another week. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, so hopefully we can get him home and feeling better by then. 

I started feeling sick, so my grandma and grandpa picked up the other kiddos and let them spend the night at their house. 

One of Drew's sores had to be broken in order to get a swab for a test. Afterwords, the nurse came in with a mask and full body gown. She told us the dermatologists had been talking in the hall and decided that whatever Drew has is likely contagious and, because the sore was broken, was now airborne, and we had all been exposed. We were moved into a Bubble Boy room with it's own air system. An alarm went off every time the door was opened. This silly ear infection he had last week has become a big deal. Drew has zero energy. He has a Playstation in his room, but he hasn't even touched it. He pretty much sleeps all day. We finally got him to eat today. 
mask & full-body gown.
This giraffe was the source of the only smile we've seen from Drew. Owen wasn't ready to give him up, but Drew loves him. He has a whole giraffe collection. My mom thinks his name should be Gus, to rhyme with all the pus draining out of his ear.

The only improvement we've seen is the reduction of pressure in his ear from getting tubes. Hopefully the antivirals will start to help.