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happy thanksgiving


We decided to go non-traditional this year. We had a leopard print tablecloth and the only turkey we had was a table decoration. We had steak and smoked chicken; so much better than turkey. My mom and I will be going shopping tonight, not with the intent of buying a whole lot, but because we love people watching.

And then there were 12.


While we were waiting for tests results, the doctors thought that Drew had some kind of cold sores on his head. I wasn't convinced. My mom and dad have been by Drew's side for a week and neither of them have any sores. I thought it made a little more sense when the results came back as Shingles. I was a little surprised that my mom or dad didn't get any, but figured it was because Shingles mostly affects the elderly. I'm starting to think that the sores on Owen's face are similar to Shingles. They have lasted much longer than Hand Foot Mouth should and he hasn't had the Chicken Pox shot yet. My dad has Shingles now. He had Chicken Pox as a kid, so he never got the shot that protects against Chicken Pox and Shingles. Owen has been on antibiotics and my dad got some today, so we should be fine for Thanksgiving. The Marsden's are still going to come over, but no one else is. Shingles can be dangerous for pregnant women and 2 of my cousins are pregnant. My grandpa was required to get the Shingles shot for work, but my grandma never had it. Even though we shouldn't be contagious anymore, everyone decided it wasn't worth the risk. This will be one of the smallest Thanksgivings we've had, but I think it will work out well. Instead of having 30 people over, we will have 12. That means we will all fit at our dining room table!