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trunk or treat



We went to the grocery store so the kiddos could trunk-or-treat. 'Twas a success except for Owen's screaming. The girlies were superheroes. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Super Girl doesn't actually use guns...

Showing off their super strength...
This is Ainsley's best friend, Jordan. Yes they are the same age. Yes Ainsley is a pipsqueak.
Owen wasn't into the picture-taking thing. Actually he wasn't up for anything that didn't involve candy. Until he got his balloon. Note the elaborate balloons the girls chose.
When it was his turn, Owen said he wanted a ball. My mom said they couldn't do that, but the weary balloon-blower-upper quickly disagreed. She blew up this green balloon and Owen's eyes lit up. He chased that thing all over the parking lot. He enjoyed his ball more than the girls enjoyed their creatures. "It has polka dots!" he exclaimed to anyone who would listen.