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Crazy last couple of days! I had the apartment all to myself last night. (kinda creepy) My room is slowly coming together, but I refuse to take pictures until the walls aren't so bare. My bed is crazy high in the air. Like "I use my dresser as a step-stool" kind of crazy high. My closet is way bigger than I thought it would be. In case you were wondering, if you are told to walk all the way to the bottom of the street to use the cross walk, do it. If you happen to cross in the middle, campus police will literally run straight at you, blowing their whistles like crazy. Not that I did this, but I did witness a group of students get chased out of the road by men in fluorescent vests with loud whistles.

The BYU Bookstore really should pay this girl I met today for being walking advertising. BYU flip flops, shorts, shirt, headband, earrings, hair clip, and bracelet. I just think that kind of dedication should be rewarded.