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gotta love 4-year-olds


Today at my cousin's farewell, Owen was really in need of a trampoline buddy. I spotted a little girl about his age.Me: What about her? Owen: She already knows my name. Me: Well do you know her name? Little Girl: I'm Lily! Me: Well there you go. How about you go jump on the tramp together. ....... Lily: We're getting married. Owen: Oh no we're not. Lily: Yes we are. I chose you. Owen: Well that's too bad for you! Lily: It's time for you to go to work. Owen: Well where do you work? Lily: *scoffs* I don't go to work! I stay home and try on clothes all day. Owen: hmm. Lily: Where do you work? Owen: I don't know, but it's far away from you!