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capitol reef

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A few months ago, we went to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley with our friends, the Marsden's. We had tons of fun and when we found out you could pick fruit in Capitol Reef, we knew we would be coming back. We found the best hotel last time and stayed there again. So if you are ever going to stay in Bicknell, UT, check out the Acquarius Inn. The rooms are huge and very small-town-like.
This Mexican restaurant was the first stop. Yep. I have a thing for taking pictures of great signs.
In the middle picture, you can see the top of an apple picker. I didn't even know such a thing existed! They were pretty sweet. They were basically baskets with claws on 6-foot poles. Finley loved getting to try one out.
And when the nifty apple picker just wouldn't do, Sam was perfectly willing to climb.
This girlie just got bangs. Isn't she adorable?!?
While picking apples, we came across a caterpillar...
And some Canadian taffy quickly makes Dave the favorite of all the kiddos.
We had time for an impromptu photo shoot...
You can eat apples in the orchard for free, or pay $1 per pound to take some home.
Apparently some of the apples there are super rare and don't grow anywhere else in the world.
Isn't she adorable?
Once we started hiking, the boys enjoyed sticking their heads in rocks...
And Ainsley "ran" along the walls.
On every vacation, we collect heart-shaped rocks. It solves many problems. Kids want to take tons of rocks home? Sorry, you can only keep the ones shaped like hearts. Kids too tired to keep walking? Keep walking so you can find a heart rock. Got in trouble? Make it up to mom by giving her a heart rock. Drew was the winner this round. See that perfect heart?
Someone put rocks in this wall. We were quite delighted when we found it.
Pretty much on every trip in the history of ever, Bubby falls asleep on someone's back and I take a picture. There's quite a collection.
When we were picking apples, 2 deer came into the orchard. All the kids enjoyed watching them. These deer were not easily spooked. Owen, trying to be helpful, threw an apple at one. I kid you not, that deer shrugged and ate it. Like it was saying "thanks for the apple, kid."

Never a dull moment with this kid.

Note to self: force future children to be sworn in as Junior Rangers, as they should have to endure the embarrassing awkwardness that I have encountered at every National/State Park.