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finley foo


This is Finley. She's almost 8. That's a pretty big year for us. 8 is when you are eligible to be baptized as a member of our church. My dad was grilling up some dinner and the lighting was dreamy so I took the chance to snap some pictures of this girlie. She has always been pretty willing to pose for me.

My mom and dad have tried incredibly hard to ingrain the 80s in me. Especially the music. Well, here's an 80s reference for you: She has "the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen."

Finley loves people and has since she was tiny. She loves to serve and entertain. She loves talking to new people and makes it very hard for them to leave.

I was a little surprised she let me take these pictures without brushing her hair first. Ainsley doesn't seem that much older than her and since Ainsley gets to wear make up, Finley thinks she ought to act grown up too. I caught her wearing mascara and told her 7 was too young for that kind of thing. She looked at me incredulously and said in her best sassy tone, "I had a meeting!"

Finley has been able to do the splits since she was 2. It's her favorite party trick. Up until she was 6, she would introduce herself saying, "I'm Finley and I can do the splits!" And down she would go, into perfect little splits. She has recently started taking gymnastics classes. In fact, I think the reason she was outside in the first place was to practice.

This girl is mighty persuasive. Once she knows what she wants, she is unrelenting. She has the art of begging with puppy dog eyes mastered.

For example: See those little stars in her ears? Ainsley and I had to wait until we were 11 to get our ears pierced.

Our neighbors are letting us borrow their keyboard until they get moved into their new house (which happens to be right through our backyard). Finley plays that thing at least 3 times a day. I don't know what she'll do when we have to give it back. Finley has herself convinced that I know how to play the piano. I may be able to read music, but I certainly don't know how to play the piano. I had to mark middle C with a piece of washi tape. I'm not even a little bit kidding. I can figure out the right hand of most of her favorite songs. She can't read music, but she memorizes songs from watching me stumble through them.

My mom and dad have always said that she is a miniature version of me. She is definitely as klutzy as I am. Quite often we will hear a bump, smack, or crash, and before she even has time to process the situation, she yells, "I'm okay!"

You never have to wonder how Finley is feeling. She wears every emotion plainly. She is extremely excitable and just as easily heartbroken.

She is also a goofball. Which makes for entertaining pictures.

Given the choice, Finley would wear leggings every day of the week.

Yup. Goofball. And she loves to put together outfits like this.

She held this pose for a solid minute until she was sure I had taken a picture.

This is about as gangster as she gets.

Finley is extremely tender. If she gets into trouble or thinks she's hurt someone, she's in hysterics.

Here's a better view of that outfit she picked out.

sweet summertime


We had a BBQ at my grandma and grandpa's house tonight. After dinner, my grandpa called into the house, "Kensie! Grab a bowl and come outside!" That's code for "things in the garden need to be picked, but I can't see everything hiding in the garden!" I knew it was too early for cucumbers to be ripe so I thought maybe some tomatoes were nice and red. I ended up finding a whole bowl of juicy strawberries. What a nice surprise. I love summer.

birthday photo shoot


Since we were gone for Ainsley's birthday, Owen's is tomorrow, and Finley's is at the end of the month, I decided some birthday pictures were in order. Ainsley wanted some pictures with her best friend, Jordan. We like Jordan. She makes our home a happy place. She might move to Washington. And I might cry. We moved around our yard a little bit as the sun was going down, giving us some really spectacular lighting. My favorite spot was in front of my neighbor's worn storage shed. Really it's worth looking through all of them just to find the one of Owen that cracks me up every time I see it.

12 pages of free printable photobooth props

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UPDATE: newer photobooth props (including an SVG file) are posted here.

So I kinda love photobooth props. While I was home one weekend, I thought it would be fun to take some wacky photobooth pics with the kiddos so I came up with 12 pages of printable props. They are available in 3 formats: solid black, black outline, and full color. My intent was that the colored set could be printed on white cardstock, cut out, and done! If you wanted to spend a little more time, like I did, you can print the outline set and cut props out of different papers.



I ended up having too much fun making the props that I only had time for a few hurried pictures. And of course my camera battery wasn't charged, so here's some real classy phone pics for your enjoyment.

"Do you have to take our picture?" "What if there's a sucker involved?"
"You're not taking my picture! I'm still wearing pajamas!" "Throw on that huge fluffy coat. No one will know."
If you use these props for a party, wedding, or other event, send me some pictures! I'd love to see what you do with them.

goblin valley

We love Goblin Valley. At least in my opinion, most of the red rock in Utah pretty much looks the same. But not here! I have never seen such crazy formations anywhere else. The kiddos love being able to run and climb to their hearts content. There aren't rules about what can and can't be touched, which was perfect for our group with 8 kids.
Owen loves climbing scary high with all the other kids, but he also really likes a good piggy back ride.
Ainsley loves finding little nooks for her to fit in...
What you can't tell in the right picture, is that Finley was fetching high up. This hill was huge and steep and I have no idea how she made it down without somersaulting.
I told you he really likes to climb....
Goblin Valley is a perfect location for hide-and-go-seek-tag.
Sam sitting on his beloved platypus rock...
Drew riding his space vehicle after finding out Galaxy Quest was filmed here.
This little nook was super scary high. Owen had no fear and he was one fast climber.
Do you see that little speck on the mountain. Yep, that's Owen.
More playing tag.
I love the "ha ha, you can't get me" in the left picture.
Waiting to be found....
Taking advantage of the breeze...
What do you do when you can't walk down the way you went up? Slide!
Umm...they are mimicking the formation above them...
More tag...
and more tag...
P.S. Drew made it back before Sam could tag him...
And Sam hiding. If you ever find yourself in the middle of Utah with a bunch of kids (or dogs, we saw those to) Goblin Valley is our recommendation.


capitol reef

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A few months ago, we went to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley with our friends, the Marsden's. We had tons of fun and when we found out you could pick fruit in Capitol Reef, we knew we would be coming back. We found the best hotel last time and stayed there again. So if you are ever going to stay in Bicknell, UT, check out the Acquarius Inn. The rooms are huge and very small-town-like.
This Mexican restaurant was the first stop. Yep. I have a thing for taking pictures of great signs.
In the middle picture, you can see the top of an apple picker. I didn't even know such a thing existed! They were pretty sweet. They were basically baskets with claws on 6-foot poles. Finley loved getting to try one out.
And when the nifty apple picker just wouldn't do, Sam was perfectly willing to climb.
This girlie just got bangs. Isn't she adorable?!?
While picking apples, we came across a caterpillar...
And some Canadian taffy quickly makes Dave the favorite of all the kiddos.
We had time for an impromptu photo shoot...
You can eat apples in the orchard for free, or pay $1 per pound to take some home.
Apparently some of the apples there are super rare and don't grow anywhere else in the world.
Isn't she adorable?
Once we started hiking, the boys enjoyed sticking their heads in rocks...
And Ainsley "ran" along the walls.
On every vacation, we collect heart-shaped rocks. It solves many problems. Kids want to take tons of rocks home? Sorry, you can only keep the ones shaped like hearts. Kids too tired to keep walking? Keep walking so you can find a heart rock. Got in trouble? Make it up to mom by giving her a heart rock. Drew was the winner this round. See that perfect heart?
Someone put rocks in this wall. We were quite delighted when we found it.
Pretty much on every trip in the history of ever, Bubby falls asleep on someone's back and I take a picture. There's quite a collection.
When we were picking apples, 2 deer came into the orchard. All the kids enjoyed watching them. These deer were not easily spooked. Owen, trying to be helpful, threw an apple at one. I kid you not, that deer shrugged and ate it. Like it was saying "thanks for the apple, kid."

Never a dull moment with this kid.

Note to self: force future children to be sworn in as Junior Rangers, as they should have to endure the embarrassing awkwardness that I have encountered at every National/State Park.