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You've Got This! (7 Quotes from Popular LDS Youth Speakers)


You've Got This! (How to Look Up When Life Has You Down) is a compilation of messages from popular LDS speakers aimed at the youth of the Church. It's a quick read, and even though it is directed towards teenagers, I was uplifted by each of the chapters. I especially loved the insights given about Joseph of Egypt and how my challenges can relate to his. I made prints featuring some of my favorite quotes from the book. Enjoy! 

Book Review: More than the Tattooed Mormon (+ 20 Quotes to Share)

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You know those incredibly happy people who you just can't get enough of? Yep. That's Al. We've never met, but after reading her new book, More Than the Tattooed Mormon, I honestly feel like her friend. Al has the most positive attitude and it rubs off on everyone around her. Her book is just so genuine and honest. Even though it is her story, this book is for you and me. I promise you this book will leave you feeling uplifted, loved, and motivated to do incredible things. This book is a super quick read (I read it in less than a day), but it is so good. I was highlighting like it was my job. I love Al's honesty throughout the whole book, especially when she relayed her conversion story, but most of all, I loved reading about her determination to do whatever God asked of her.

There were so many parts I loved and so I decided to letter some of my favorite quotes to hang up. You can view the gallery below and save each image because I know you are going to appreciate Al's words as much as me.

Or you can download the images in color here

al fox quotes (color)

or in black and white here

al fox quotes (b+w)

more photobooth props

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About an eternity ago, I made these photo booth props. Today I am happy to share some new props with you. Available in both PDF and SVG formats, they are sure to make your party planning a cinch. Best of all, these files are completely free.

Read on for the file links and some shop news.

You can download thePDF here or the SVG here.

Postcards are now available in the shop! I just learned something super awesome. Apparently if you write a letter/postcard to a Disney character, they send back a signed postcard. Instructions here. I don't know about you, but Dumbo is about to get some happy mail. (:

Know anyone with a happy business that would like to carry Kensie Kate products? I'm currently accepting wholesale orders for any businesses from pop-up shops to The Land of Nod (a girl can dream). If you refer a business that makes a wholesale order, then you get a special discount code to use in the shop.

Have a lovely day!

12 pages of free printable photobooth props

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UPDATE: newer photobooth props (including an SVG file) are posted here.

So I kinda love photobooth props. While I was home one weekend, I thought it would be fun to take some wacky photobooth pics with the kiddos so I came up with 12 pages of printable props. They are available in 3 formats: solid black, black outline, and full color. My intent was that the colored set could be printed on white cardstock, cut out, and done! If you wanted to spend a little more time, like I did, you can print the outline set and cut props out of different papers.



I ended up having too much fun making the props that I only had time for a few hurried pictures. And of course my camera battery wasn't charged, so here's some real classy phone pics for your enjoyment.

"Do you have to take our picture?" "What if there's a sucker involved?"
"You're not taking my picture! I'm still wearing pajamas!" "Throw on that huge fluffy coat. No one will know."
If you use these props for a party, wedding, or other event, send me some pictures! I'd love to see what you do with them.