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from nyc to madrid to porto


Because of the bad weather across the country, the flight before us got in late, which meant we were late leaving for Madrid. We landed in Spain right after our flight to Porto was leaving. Our new flight was supposed to leave 4 hours later. Because the airport was so big and we didn't know the city, we didn't dare leave the terminal. Our flight kept getting delayed, so we really spent 8 hours in the airport. Because we walked all over New York and then went on an international flight right after, my feet were so unbelievably swollen.

L: Flat Stanley made it to Madrid // R: The Madrid airport was huge

See my huge feet?!

We landed in Porto and went straight to the hotel. Patricia (who we went to teach for) took us to dinner. By this point, I was seriously lacking in the sleep department. It was all I could do not to put my head on the table at dinner.

L: View from the hotel window // R: Snazzy chandelier at the restaurant