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porto in pictures

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We had a full day of sightseeing before the event starts tomorrow. Patricia and her husband are the best hosts. We saw so many things today. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of pictures. I expected to see a lot of stone and old buildings, but I did not expect the city to be so colorful.

That building right behind the fountain is a college. The students by the fountain are wearing black robes as part of a tradition that includes staying drunk for a week. They walked in groups around the city singing. The building in the right picture is a bookstore. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but it was beautiful and looked like it belonged in a Harry Potter movie.

Teresa is one of the teachers at the event. She is so genuine and kind. If you are a fan of HIMYM, she reminds me of the episode when Lily tries to take a bad picture of Barney and fails. Seriously. I think it is impossible to get a bad picture of her.

Patricia told me what the yellow building said, but I forgot. I think it is something like "dress well and cheaply here."

Patricia's home and office are right by these buildings. I love that turquoise color. Maybe someday I will have a house that bright.

More buildings in Patricia's neighborhood and an awesome window display.

This is Patricia's cute shop. Everything in it is beautiful. She has products for scrapbooking, book binding, die cutting, quilting, and general crafting.

The left picture is part of a very opulent church. The picture on the right is for Finley. That girl is obsessed with graffiti and loves to point it out.

The building with the blue and white tile mural is the church in the last picture.

I stole this picture from the facebook page for the event.  We ate lunch right on the coast. Before eating, we decided to go down to the water. The water was so cold, hence the looks of surprise. My mom is really proud of herself for being the only one that didn't "wet her pants."

Those treats on the right taste like a waffle cone with cinnamon. The name translates into "mother-in-law tongue."

The picture on the left is the inside of the train station. The blue and white tile is traditional Portuguese, but we thought the mural above it looked like pictures of Mormon pioneers pulling their handcarts. We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner. This silly fish had a tongue hanging out of its mouth.

We were thoroughly entertained by the cannibalistic fish with another fish in its mouth.

If you made it to the end of the post, I commend you. That was an awful lot of pictures and you deserve to go take a nap or something.