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General Conference Quotes | April 2017

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I'm not sure exactly when the switch happened, but there was definitely a point where I went from enduring general conference to looking forward to it like Christmas. How incredible is it that we get to spend an entire weekend being uplifted and strengthened by the words of God? 

What's equally incredible is how quickly the messages are available online for us to study further. I for one am especially grateful since my job makes it hard to really focus on the messages I need to hear most. During conference, I post an insane amount of content across a bunch of social media platforms for work. I'm constantly scrolling Twitter looking for the best quotes to share. Since I'm so hyper-focused, it's really hard to glean what the overall messages are so I really look forward to getting to study each talk over the next few months. 

Since I already had my favorite quotes saved, I decided to letter one quote from every talk. My hope is that you will save or print these so that you can see them and be reminded of the messages you heard and felt this conference. 

General Women's Session

Saturday Morning Session

Saturday Afternoon Session

Priesthood Session

Sunday Morning Session

Sunday Afternoon Session