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4th of july

happy birthday america! plus big news!

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We had a great day full of pancakes, bagpipes, and fireworks. Our neighbors across the street have this big program every year. Congressman Jim Hansen spoke to us and told us that in order to live in the land of the free, we have to be the land of the brave. Last year, someone parked in our driveway. This incident led to the following conversation. Dave: What are you guys planning on doing today? Me: It doesn't really matter what we want to do seeing as some jerk parked in our driveway. We couldn't leave even if we wanted to. You know, you would think that if you were going to have the audacity to block someone into their driveway without permission, you would at least have the decency to leave early. Dave: Why you gotta be like that? *It is at this moment that I recognize the license plate on the car in the drive way. B8HOVEN. Crap. That's Dave's car. So I fake like I've been joking during my whole rant.* Me: Why you gotta park there? You think it's reserved for you or something?

I was laughing so hard I had to confess to my parents. And eventually to Dave. Because it was that funny. And it was still just as funny this year.

Also, big news folks!!! I finally have an Etsy shop up and running. Check back frequently because I will regularly be adding new prints. Go ahead and make requests if there are any you are dying to have now.

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