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I am officially a Bountiful High Alumnus. I felt oddly calm all day. Graduation itself was great. Us Braves are known for our short commencement exercises. Clapping and cheering is highly discouraged. Later my mom told me she would thump anyone who cheered when I walked since the only graduates who got cheered for were special needs, pregnant, or lucky to graduate. We went to Buca for dinner. Tonight is the all-night party. I am super tired from this week already, so we'll see how late (or early) I make it.

what an exciting day


Today started off normally enough. Then at the very end of English, we were told to go into lockdown. I figured it wasn't a drill since it was so close to the end of class. Instantly everyone's phones were out. Some witnesses in the library quickly spread word that a bomb had gone off on the spiral staircase. I was skeptical. We didn't hear a bomb. But sure enough, pretty soon we could see Bountiful City Public Safety, the Bomb Squad, the Bountiful Police, and every news station out the window. Turns out 2 students saw a Youtube video about how to make a bomb from household ingredients and decided to try it out so they could "hear the loud boom." Another one went off within minutes near the junior high down  the street so they were put under lockdown also. They didn't tell their students it wasn't a drill because enough has happened at that school already. A teacher and student have both died in the last month. 2 more bombs were found in a gutter. None of them caused a significantly large explosion or damage, but anyone standing nearby would have received severe acid burns from hydrochloric acid. It's amazing no one was hurt. Bomb-sniffing dogs swept the school for more bombs before we could leave our classrooms. Guess who got to spend 3 hours in English! It wasn't too bad. Mrs. Drake gave us Oreos. The news exaggerated the events greatly. They made it sound like Columbine. It could have been very bad, but the results were considerably minor.


enjoy the ride.


When I was little, we went swimming pretty much every day the pool was open at about 4:00 until my dad got home from work. 4:00 always felt forever away. I wish 4:00 didn't come so fast now. I'm realizing that I am 18 in less than a month. I am graduating in just over 2. I am fine with both, it is the amount of stuff that has to happen before then that scares the heck out of me. Biology internal assessments, online financial literacy, online government, English internal assessments, a nasty poetry explication, hundreds of pages to read/take notes on for history, statistics reviews, Mr. Braveman, completing a history book from roughly 15,000 pictures, Spirit Bowl, Baccalaureate, Senior Banquet, Prom, Bravestock, Swansong Assembly, training new officers, 16 IB/AP tests, finalized psychological experiment write-ups, 15-minute Spanish presentation, edited 15-page History research paper, photographing all spring sports, 150 creativity/service/action hours, 50 letters to write to the student body, apply for BYU housing, all without getting more than 3 tardies in English. It's a lot to do, but I am confidant it will all work out. I've decided to enjoy these last 2 months. It will be a crazy ride, but I will enjoy it. Then summer will be here. I will perhaps enjoy that ride more.

March is Madness

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It's been a while. Here's a recap. State DECA, 1st place. State Basketball, made it to the semis. Toilet vs. banana, banana won. 3000 pictures, edited. Magic Week, tackled. English tests, dominated. Poetry assignment, last poems ever. 1000 balloons, blown up. Cheesecake Factory, epic. 3-day-weekend, glorious. Sterling Scholar, over. Today was grand. I actually woke up to my alarm and got ready with time to spare. Then I saw this when I walked out to my car.

This boy cracks me up. Top Owen quotes of the month: Fin: MOM! Owen is hurting me! Mom: Owen, why are you hurting Finley? Owen: She is annoying me! Mom: That's not a good reason. What will you do if your wife annoys you someday? Owen: If she annoys me, I will not marry her. --- Fin: Mom! Owen hit me! Mom: Why did you hit your sister? Owen: I didn't. I smacked her with a bottle. Mom: Why would you do that? That's very naughty. Owen: Why? It was just a simple bottle.

You see, we love spending our Saturday mornings at school. We think butcher paper and muffins make a good combination.
We REALLY like spending our Saturdays at school. Everything turned out awesome. I was skeptical, but the balloon drop was truly magical.
The rest of Sophomore Week included Mario Kart Skateboard Racing, Disney Day (what says magic better than cotton candy & a coloring contest?), and a movie night.



I've been way busy. And way stressed. But the good kind of busy and stressed. The kind that actually pays off. I finished my Theory of Knowledge presentation. Found out I had 5 days to complete a Sterling Scholar portfolio. Went to an awesome leadership conference. Aced a test on a book I didn't read. Did a photo shoot. Got my Academic Letter. Survived Battle of the Bands. Got the greatest text of my life (Final Extended Essay deadline pushed back). Edited thousands of pictures. And lived. Mom left for California early this morning. It should be a great week. Theory of Knowledge Essay will be out of my hair, World Literature Essay and Creative Assessment will be sent off to some exotic land, college applications will be done, and January will come to an end.