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lock down

what an exciting day


Today started off normally enough. Then at the very end of English, we were told to go into lockdown. I figured it wasn't a drill since it was so close to the end of class. Instantly everyone's phones were out. Some witnesses in the library quickly spread word that a bomb had gone off on the spiral staircase. I was skeptical. We didn't hear a bomb. But sure enough, pretty soon we could see Bountiful City Public Safety, the Bomb Squad, the Bountiful Police, and every news station out the window. Turns out 2 students saw a Youtube video about how to make a bomb from household ingredients and decided to try it out so they could "hear the loud boom." Another one went off within minutes near the junior high down  the street so they were put under lockdown also. They didn't tell their students it wasn't a drill because enough has happened at that school already. A teacher and student have both died in the last month. 2 more bombs were found in a gutter. None of them caused a significantly large explosion or damage, but anyone standing nearby would have received severe acid burns from hydrochloric acid. It's amazing no one was hurt. Bomb-sniffing dogs swept the school for more bombs before we could leave our classrooms. Guess who got to spend 3 hours in English! It wasn't too bad. Mrs. Drake gave us Oreos. The news exaggerated the events greatly. They made it sound like Columbine. It could have been very bad, but the results were considerably minor.